Indiana Qualifying Tournament Application

  • WHEN to apply?


    Coaches must apply to attend a tournament during this time period by selecting/ranking three tournament choices among the Indiana tournaments. This is an application process subject to confirmation as opposed to a straight registration for a single event.

  • HOW do I access the Qualifying Tournament application?
    Use your team’s official number as both login and password to submit a tournament application. Coaches receive a FIRST LEGO League number when registering teams with FIRST. The USERNAME & PASSWORD ARE THE SAME: YOUR TEAM'S UNIQUE NUMBER. Do NOT use the password you use on the FIRST LEGO League registration page. View an example of how to login.


  • Where Qualifying Tournaments are listed: Tournament locations, dates, etc. can be found on this website; see “Location of Qualifying Tournaments”

  • Where Coaches Apply: DO NOT GO TO THE NATIONAL TEAM WEBSITE TO APPLY FOR AN INDIANA TOURNAMENT.  Teams apply on this webpage by scrolling down to the link at the bottom of the page.

  • How to Apply: Teams will follow a similar process as in the past:
  • Step 1) Coaches use the team’s FIRST LEGO League number assigned after registration as BOTH log in and password (DO NOT USE the password for your team account on the FIRST website)

    Step 2) Complete the tournament application form and then submit it online. You will need:

  • Team Name
    IMPORTANT GUIDELINE: Once an application is submitted, the name of a team can only be changed for a tournament by contacting the QT director prior to their tournament to inform them of the new team name. Name changes must also appear on the team profile with FIRST LEGO League. Coaches must make any changes in the team name before the week of their qualifying event.

  • Team FIRST LEGO League number
    New teams receive a temporary number. Do not use the temporary number for tournament application. That number is changed to a shorter, permanent number upon completion (payment) of the team registration.
  • List of team members
    IMPORTANT GUIDELINES: There can only be 10 team members per team. Team members listed as attending a QT in the application are expected to be the same team members who attend and compete at the qualifier. Changes in team member composition must be sent to the QT director prior to the tournament. Changes to team composition prior to any event due to illness, scheduling conflict, team member drop out with alternate replacement, or similar circumstances are allowed but notification of the tournament director must occur for an alternate team member to participate. Coaches may not completely change the composition of their team members between a QT and Championship. During a tournament, coaches may not switch team members in/out of the competition sessions (example: switching alternates in/out or various team members in/out during judging sessions and robot competition). Team members on the QT application must be the same as those participating in each judging session and at the robot matches.

  • Number of male/females on the team
  • Name of group or school affiliation
  • Coach’s names and contact information (address, phone, email) for both coaches
  • Step 3) Coaches select three tournaments and rank them. Tournaments will not indicate being “closed” as in the past during the application process. All tournaments will be listed when they complete their ranking. 

    Step 4) Coaches will indicate Yes/No if they are willing to attend either championship if their team advances.

    Step 5) Teams will be confirmed into a tournament by receipt of an email confirmation the week after application week concludes. Coaches should not assume they are automatically registered for their top choice. Coaches should not contact their qualifying tournament director for confirmation information.

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